Template Customization and Optimized Website Design

LegendWeb® offers complete website design services. We will use a template and customize it to suit your specific needs or completely create a web site from the ground up.

Optimized web site design is the art of designing a website and corresponding submission and linking programs so that the site ranks high in the search engines.

At LegendWeb, we are proud of the fact that every site that we have designed enjoys a significant number of top rankings and plays a major role in each client's marketing program. We achieve these results because we don't view ourselves as a web site design company, but as a provider of complete internet marketing programs.

Our process:

  1. Perform a thorough keyword analysis to determine the architecture and themed content areas for the site.

  2. Create an optimized, properly linked web site compliant with the ranking algorithms of the major search engines.

  3. Submit the web site properly to the major directories and search engines.

  4. Implement a link building program to improve the sites link popularity, the primary external factor affecting a sites ranking status.

  5. Create and implement a keyword buying or 'pay per click' advertising campaign to supplement the optimization program.

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